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About Scibids

Marketing is a large, growing, complex industry that fuels brand growth. Digital marketing is quickly outpacing traditional marketing in size and spend. As consumers increase their usage of digital applications across more devices and channels, they generate exponential increases in data volumes. This results in huge challenges for those seeking efficient brand equity and sales growth from digital marketing. Only sophisticated decisioning technology, engineered specifically to tackle these challenges, can provide solutions.

Scibids develops AI for marketing, and today offers a solution for addressable paid digital media that creates up to 70% improvement in media campaign performance.

Over the past couple of years, Scibids has witnessed exponential growth and expanded its operations across the globe, opening offices in Singapore, London, New York, Milan, Tokyo and Madrid, to keep providing exceptional services to its global customers.

Job description

Scibids has offices in more than 10 countries and has a wide array of different tech and business jobs. In order to succeed, collaboration between people with different cultural and educational backgrounds is key.
As our People and Culture Manager, your primary focus will be to develop and engage all team members. From learning & development and onboarding to HR admin and retention, you will be responsible for developing and implementing the best Scibids work experience. We believe a strong and well-developed company culture is a key pillar of success for a highly ambitious and fast-growing tech company like Scibids. Whatever the technology, high-performance outcomes are achieved through hiring top talents and creating a productive and healthy work culture where everyone can thrive and become the best part of themselves with passion for what they do, contributing to a winning team. Apart from your primary tasks, we expect you to have a growth mindset on contributing to Scibids’ success beyond your direct scope of responsibilities.

This position will combine a strong sense of empathy, a genuine will to help others and interest to understand cultural differences, strong understanding of business priorities and an ambition for your work to become a real game changer!

On a day to day basis, your responsibilities will include:

Helping us deploy our C²ORE (Collaboration & Care, Ownership, Rigor, Excellence) culture and translating it to concrete rituals and processes.
Making sure that all Scibidisans stay engaged, with a particular focus on making sure the small Scibidisian teams abroad feel fully included in the company
Implement talent development plans to empower colleagues in Scibids
Measure and follow satisfaction and engagement of the team
Oversee HR Admin globally and Office Management Duties of the Paris Office
Take initiatives to improve work experience in Scibids

Preferred experience

Minimum qualifications:

3+ years of experience in People Operations
Passion for people development and creating strong trust ties with team members around you
Ability to listen and a high level of empathy for people’s needs, desires and suggestions
Excellent organisational, communication and storytelling skills with a positive and collaborative attitude
Understanding of business and strategic priorities. Ability to drive the necessary organizational changes to support Scibids strategy
Fluent in English

Preferred qualifications:

Degree in Human Resources and/or Organisational Psychology desirable
5+ years of experience in People Operations in an international highly scaling tech company.

Cultural fit:

Excellence: Our version of a great workplace is not fancy gyms or frequent parties but being part of a set of truly exceptional people with a growth mindset and fearless ambition to crush market standards in every aspect, fueled by a relentless curiosity.

Rigor: we reason from first principles and don’t blindly follow the herd. We celebrate and reward leaders who are able to constantly take the best decisions by bringing data to the table and considering every relevant opinion as an input. At Scibids, preconceived personal convictions rarely survive thorough confrontation with actual data!

Ownership: Every Scibids member has stock-options and is focused on the same objective: make Scibids the next adtech unicorn! This means being interested in how one’s daily personal work fits in Scibids general strategy and having in mind the greater good of the company rather than individual accomplishments.

Care: We want to work in a company of deeply good people who treat their colleagues exceptionally well. Humility, humour, empathy and a genuine will to help others are key to thrive at Scibids. No matter how talented, we won’t hire jerks!


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