Scibids recrute un(e) Product Manager – H/F

About Scibids

Marketing is a large, growing, complex industry that fuels brand growth. Digital marketing is quickly outpacing traditional marketing in size and spend. As consumers increase their usage of digital applications across more devices and channels, they generate exponential increases in data volumes. This results in huge challenges for those seeking efficient brand equity and sales growth from digital marketing. Only sophisticated decisioning technology, engineered specifically to tackle these challenges, can provide solutions.

Scibids develops AI for marketing, and today offers a solution for addressable paid digital media that creates up to 70% improvement in media campaign performance.

Over the past couple of years, Scibids has witnessed exponential growth and expanded its operations across the globe, opening offices in Singapore, London, New York, Milan, Tokyo and Madrid, to keep providing exceptional services to its global customers.

Job description

The mission of Scibids is to provide media buyers with fully automated buying strategies for display campaigns, leading to uncompared performances for a minimum of human work. Everyday we optimize thousands of campaigns in more than 30 countries. We are integrated in a dozen ever-evolving trading platforms and have to meet the needs of hundreds of customers, while keeping our strong DNA of being a product company where every development should benefit all our customers and not only one. This is a lot of complexity to handle for a team of 45!

As a Product Manager, your role will be to coordinate our efforts and to ensure deadlines are met while communicating with and understanding all stakeholders, be they internals (sales, account managers, data scientist etc…) or externals (prospects, clients, partners…). You will also work closely with the founding team in order to ensure the ever-evolving subset of projects considered as the most strategic are effectively implemented in time.

This position will combine a very high rigor, an ability to deeply understand technical topics, bullet-proof organization skills, a relentless curiosity, a strong understanding of business priorities and the ambition for your work to become a real game changer!

On a day to day basis, your responsibilities will include:

  • Writing specs in collaboration with the data engineering & software teams to make ambitious ideas a reality
  • Monitoring the new and existing integration with numerous partner platforms in order to follow Scibids international expansion
  • Monitoring the development of tools automating any repetitive process taking place at Scibids (invoicing, dashboarding, …), in order to follow our “do things only once” philosophy. This also includes following the development/improvement of numerous internal interfaces.
  • Working on a daily basis with our Data Scientist team in order to contribute to the continuous improvement of Scibids product

Preferred experience

Minimum qualifications: 

  • Master degree from a top engineering or business French schools or top foreign universities.
  • 6 months+ experience as a project manager / product lead / product manager
  • Ability to design bullet-proof solutions in context where introducing errors in the system could have serious consequences.
  • Ability to work on a variety of subjects while still meeting the deadlines.
  • Ability to work on deeply technical subjects and make decisions based on a high-level understanding of professional-level development, artificial intelligence, and adtech.
  • Interest in customers/partners relationship and ability to learn Scibids marketing positioning.

Preferred qualifications:

  • 6 months+ experience in adtech
  • 1 year+ experience as a project manager / product lead / product manager
  • Knowledge of Python/SQL


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