Pubstack is an Ad Management platform for web publishers that was created in 2018. The company is based in Paris and works with over 100 premium publishers across Europe.


As an innovator in Ad Management, Pubstack empowers publishers through a data-driven approach to building, maintaining, optimizing, and monitoring high-performing ad stacks. Pubstack now offers the only Ad Management platform that empowers publishers’ monetization teams.

Thanks to its powerful technology, they are able to confidently build highly-efficient ad setups – faster than ever before –, to boost their ad revenue, and to make data-based decisions about their ad stack.

Pubstack works with some of the best online media companies in the world – including Le Monde, DPG Media, United Internet Media, Vinted, Webedia, and many more – to ensure they can maintain high inventory quality, make more revenue and deliver exceptional content. At Pubstack we want to reverse the trend. We want to help publishers thrive in an increasingly complex programmatic world and take back control.