DG Acquires Peer39 to Expand MediaMind Online Data Offering
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MediaMind’s parent company DG announced today the acquisition of Peer39, a leading provider of critical page-level data for buyers and sellers of online advertising.  This acquisition creates significant opportunities for MediaMind and our customers.  We wanted to share with you the goals of the acquisition and provide you with more information about Peer39.

A Bit about Peer39
Peer39 works in real-time to enable advertisers to target their ads in the right page environment, enabling more effective ad-buy and bidding decisions. Using its semantic-based classification technology, Peer39 not only provides categorical meaning of each page, but also detailed quality and safety attributes. Peer39’s data has been proven to drive significant performance for advertisers, while staying clear of online privacy concerns.  Since the data is strictly about the content and structure of web pages, it’s a cookie-free solution that is integral to buying and selling advertising online, and critical to Real Time Bidding (RTB), one of the most fundamentally disruptive trends in online advertising.

Main pillars of the Peer39 offering:
Category: The Peer39 Category offering provides attributes that describe the content on a page.
Quality: The Peer39 Quality offering provides a number of attributes that describe the overall structure of a page, giving advertisers the ability to define what a quality environment means to them.
Safety: The Peer39 Safety offering provides a group of "Safe from" attributes for each page, giving advertisers the building blocks to define what safety means to them.

Peer39 offers data to advertisers through a significant distribution footprint unparalleled by any other page-level data provider. This footprint has been established by integrating into many industry leading technology companies and platforms. Among these are Publishers like the WSJ; Networks like Undertone and Meebo; Exchanges like AppNexus and RightMedia; SSP's like Admeld; and DSPs like Turn, MediaMath and BrandScreen.
Peer39’s 35 employees are located in the New York City headquarters and the research and development center in Israel, all of whom will be joining the MediaMind team.

What this acquisition means for MediaMind customers
Over the last several years MediaMind has been committed to help clients use data strategically in the context of campaign performance analysis, media planning, buying & optimization across premium and secondary inventory and creative targeting & optimization. The combination of MediaMind and Peer39 opens up opportunities to enhance and enrich all of the above.

More specifically, over time this acquisition will enable the following:
– Deeper insights into top performing strategies and segments – break-down campaign delivery and performance data by Peer39 various data attributes.
– Richer targeting and optimization options across premium and secondary inventory – use of Peer39 data and campaign insights to target & optimize media and creative via MediaMind’s suite of products including  Smart Planning and Smart Versioning.
– Better brand-safety – Peer39 data will be used to power an integrated verification and ad-blocking offering currently in development by MediaMind.

Global Support
Offering localized solutions to our customers around the globe is an integral part of MediaMind’s DNA. This attitude is shared by our Peer39 colleagues and will guide our joint continued efforts to bring the Peer39 offering to international markets.

Peer39 Category offering is currently supported in 7 languages: French, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Italian Spanish and English; Simplified Chinese support will be added at the end of June 2012.
Peer39 Quality and Safety offerings are currently available in English only; French and Dutch support will be added during May 2012; support for additional languages will be added later in the year.

Going Forward

For more information on the acquisition, you are welcome to visit here.

We look forward to sharing further developments with you and as always, appreciate your business.

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